The Monkeys

Ever wonder what it would be like to just pick up your entire life and start an adventure? To leave the comfort of what you know and do something unexpected?

We did.

Just two regular kids from Southern California and suddenly we are Expats in London and planning some amazing trips, something I never thought was actually possible. AndΒ I’m excited for our teenage monkeys to see the world and have their minds blown by how much is out there.

So hold on to your hats, peeps, this is going to be one wild ride πŸ™‚

2013-08-17 11.55.26

The teenage Monkeys on their first day of British state school


Our Lotte-bot, who definitely has our travel bug and is also a contributing author!



5 thoughts on “The Monkeys

  1. This is amazing. So inspiring to just pick up and go! My parents did that as expats and I loved being able to travel and learn about other cultures and places! They’ll be adult third culture kids (who have grown up outside their passport country). It was a term coined by Dr. Ruth Useem a while back now . Look forward to reading your posts!


  2. Hey there monkeys

    Great blog name !! Thanks for the follow. Always nice to see people pick up and just go. Sounds like your adventures are going to be exciting as I hope ours are once we finally get out of the hell hole known as Northern California


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