Home for the Holiday


As I sit on a plane back to LA for Christmas, watching a cheesy RomCom (as I love to do. Especially when they make me cry. The torture is my guilty pleasure. Like Grey’s Anatomy.), I got to thinking about our first year as expats.

We have missed friends, missed family, missed our kids. We’ve left great jobs and plopped ourselves in a city where we know almost no one. We’ve trudged through a British Winter and rush hours on the tube. I got teary-eyed thinking back on the struggle but suddenly it dawned me, as I sit here on this plane, with the man of my dreams to my left and my awesome son to my right… What we’ve gotten in return is priceless.

We’ve had family and friends visit us who may never have had the chance to see Europe. Our kids have collectively visited 5 countries they never dreamed they would see. We’ve made great friends we’ll know forever and mastered the art of bus/train/tube commuting. We’ve built snowmen in our garden and watched the sunset on the Thames and held hands through Hyde Park. We’ve lived in a flat in the city and a house in the burbs. And we still get to jump on this plane and go back to LA to visit the people and things we love for Christmas.

We are Travelling Monkeys and proper Expat Londoners. What more could a girl ask for?


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