Yanks n Brits Thanksgiving

Our Brit buddies have finally embraced the Halloween spirit by carving their first pumpkins so the next step was obviously showing them what Thanksgiving is all about…food and football.

We have always gone to my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and everyone brings a dish or two. My specialty: appetisers and desserts. You need deviled eggs? I’m your girl. Crab artichoke dip? Yup, no problem. Oh you want pumpkin bread from scratch the way my Mama taught me? Awesome. What I failed to remember was that I’d never roasted a turkey. I was hosting a Thanksgiving for both Americans and Brits and I had no idea how to work that bird!

Luckily, we have this crazy thing these days called the interwebs. I studied as many blogs and videos I could get my hands on and made that bird my bitch. She was delicious.

I’m thankful that we have a new house that feels like home, that we’re showing our teenage monkeys the world, and that we have made some rad friends here who are quickly becoming family.


One thought on “Yanks n Brits Thanksgiving

  1. You look so happy & what an amazing adventure. Oh your mama’s pumpkin bread…still make her recipe & my kids love it too!!! made three batches since Halloween. I love seeing and hearing of your adventures. XOXOX to you!


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