Meet Camden and Chelsea

One of the difficult things about moving overseas was not just leaving family and friends behind, but also having to move without our precious cat, Nani. She’s been apart of our family since the 15 was 3 so it was difficult to make the decision. Β But, she’s an old cranky lady and we knew it was best to leave her with Auntie Wobbie to be cared for. We get pics sent to us all the time so it’s good to know she’s doing well.

We knew moving would be a big adjustment for the teenage monkeys and some furry friends would take the edge off. We adopted two sisters from a local shelter and we were told that they’d been born to their mom inside the shelter so they’d only known being in their shared cage and a small cat room. They were also only used to being around the one woman who took care of them. Β They were extremely timid at first, but after 3 months of TLC they really came around and have become perfectly adjusted and fun members of the family!


One thought on “Meet Camden and Chelsea

  1. I had the reverse problem – I brought my three year old labrador with me when I moved from the States to Norway, but when we were thinking we’d be moving back this year I wasn’t sure I could put her through the ordeal now as an older girl (she’ll be 10 in January). We’ve decided now is not the right time to move, so I don’t have to make a difficult decision.

    Your new feline family members are beautiful; I know they fill a place in your hearts!


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