Easy Like a Sunday Morning

I love Londontown because I can walk by some hardcore punks with purple liberty spikes asking for change and then walk by a cute old couple sitting on a bench watching butterflies dance across a flower bed.  And there is something to be said for a town where you can take a different route home and happen upon something beautiful you never even realised was there.  I’ve walked home from an afternoon in Camden plenty of times, but I usually just take the main streets.  Today we turned down a random road, walked down some moss-covered stone steps, and followed Regent’s Canal all the way home. It was the nicest 2-mile walk we’ve had in awhile and even the teens enjoyed it. Along the way we listened to the water splashed aside by the boats, found a cool bookshop, walked by some of the ZSL zoo habitats, and saw the garden side of some of the coolest houses in Primrose Hill.


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