Day Trip London to Brighton

Being from Southern California where the beach is at our fingertips, I personally was about to gnaw my own arm off if the sun didn’t come out once and for all. I mean, it was early May and I was still seeing snow flurries! And while I can live through an English Winter…c’mon!!! So as soon as there was the slightest HINT of warmth, we headed to the coast πŸ™‚ Just a quick 1-hour train ride from Victoria or London Bridge down to Brighton Station and just follow the crowd as you weave through the vinyl, kitschy and secondhand shops of North Laines, down through the pavilion and mainstream shops, and straight through the to beach and pier. It’s a perfect spot to get away from the city for a day.


6 thoughts on “Day Trip London to Brighton

  1. Hey there – great pics! Makes me miss the UK. I love the graff you found, particularly the panda. How did you like a pebble beach? It’s great to get some sun, but the pebbles just don’t compare to soft, white sand for me ^.^



    • Hi KallyW, thanks for taking the time to look thru my pics! Its definitely not the same as burying your toes in the warm sand LOL, but it was still great to sit there and feel the sun on our skin and watch the ocean. You don’t realise how much you miss a beach town feel until you get it back again! All the street art was great. I’ll post pics soon of our second trip there with our sons and we found even more. My husband was sad cuz the Panda had been painted over!


      • Oh no! I hate it when people do that – cover up decent art just because it’s ‘graffiti’. 😦 Hopefully the artist will throw it up again ^_^ Would love to see the next round of pics!



  2. ohhhhh, I have a friend who’s been bugging me to go to Brighton. We used to live in Portsmouth many moons ago, and I didn’t love the beach there…maybe I’d like Brighton better? I’d better hurry though…summer is almost (I hate to say it) gone.


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